Jazzy Diversion Dress lovely for curvy ladies!

Tee Skirt Dresses

Tee Skirt Dresses

We add skirts (made from clean industry left-overs and over-runs) to tee shirts (Tees + Skirts = Tee Skirt Dresses) which are made for the events to AMPLIFY the fun, comfort, and "cool" factor for event tees!

  • Background: Women care about fashion while playing sports.
  • Issue: Pants are not stylish and skirts are tight.
  • Idea: Tee Skirt Dresses add our favorite skirts to tee shirts (by sewing).
  • Contribution: Tee Skirt Dresses make women stylish and comfortable while playing sports.

Tee + Skirt

Tee + Skirt = Tee Skirt Dress

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