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Tee Skirt Dresses

Tee Skirt Dresses

We add skirts made from premium quality fabrics with options soon to also choose 
skirts made in small batches with soft fabrics from clean industry over-runs. 
We can make Tee Skirt Dresses for your venues or events 
to help you amplify the WOW factor. 
When it’s hot outside, these add a “cool” factor (literally!). 
Fun, stylish, super comfortable!
  • Background: Women care about fashion while playing sports.
  • Issue: Pants are not stylish and skirts are tight.
  • Idea: Tee Skirt Dresses add our favorite skirts to tee shirts (by sewing).
  • Contribution: Tee Skirt Dresses make women stylish and comfortable while playing sports.

Tee + Skirt

Tee + Skirt = Tee Skirt Dress

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