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Mariangela C. Walker
Mariangela C. Walker

I consider myself to be an adventurous creative type, and people centric. I was raised to make my own decisions, and was the first to venture out and leave home when I joined the Military at the end of my senior year in high school. I wanted to experience the world a bit “on my own” before going on to college. I ended up getting a lifetime of experience in the three years I served, because I found myself working on a medical ward on which many people were quite ill. Dealing with life and death situations at that young age brought a keen insight and understanding that only comes with realizing how temporary life is, and how precious life and the ones around us are. I was put in positions of leadership, which brought out talents I would not otherwise have discovered in myself. Following that, I went on to college; studied first the classics (Latin, Aesthetics, Ancient Chinese History and the like), followed by study of Human Development and Learning, and became a certified teacher. When I felt fulfilled from working in that field for over fifteen years, I then started my creative endeavors full time, in 2000. I learned to do film work at The People’s Channel in Chapel Hill, NC, then moved on to oil painting, where I sold eight large paintings my first year. I went back to school to study interior design at Meredith College, which led me to my true creative passion, which is clothing design, because it is creative and essential, solves problems, and answers real human needs - practical and useful.

Hiroyuki Chishiro
Hiroyuki Chishiro

I return the favor to Mariangela.

My memorial meeting day with Mariangela is September 11, 2012, which is the second day of North Carolina when I was a Visiting Scholar at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In the first day, I stayed at the Carolina Inn Hotel. In the second day, I walked to my contracted apartment Estes Park Apartments, but the distance between the Carolina Inn Hotel and Estes Park Apartments is a bit far by walk (about 1.5 miles). In addition, the conditions of pedestrian roads between them are not good to carry my suitcase than I expected. Therefore, I was very exhausted while walking on the road. While I walked close to the Weaver Street Market at Carrboro (next to Chapel Hill), I destiny encountered Mariangela. When she found me, she said to me "Do you go to the airport?" and "Are you OK?". After the memorial meeting, she helped me to set up my North Carolina life. In addition, she introduced many good friends and showed around North Carolina to me. Thanks to Mariangela's support, I have enjoyed North Carolina's life. Now is my turn to return the favor to Mariangela!

Guarantee Happiness is a brand with a serious mission and a large dose of meaningful humor.

Nobody can Guarantee Happiness, of course, but we sure include it as we create chic-fun-comfortable clothing while also working to incorporate delightfully interesting ways to reduce waste in the apparel industry. Our first mission along that lines is to include (up cycling) in Pop-ups: We participate at FUN RUNS and MEANINGFUL FUND RAISING ROAD RACES/WALKS across the USA and beyond, and add skirts (made from clean industry left-overs and over-runs) to tee shirts (Tees + Skirts = Tee Skirt Dresses) which are made for the events to AMPLIFY the fun, comfort, and "cool" factor for event tees! We also make "high end" Tee Skirt Dresses which satisfy the desire for dressier play clothes.


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